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Key features
About the Superomatic Gaming System
A new version of 2022 (with the double lobby).
Good graphics and excellent soundtracks.
Multilingual interface for operating on the largest international markets.
Cross-platform environment, HTML5 content and mobile traffic support.
Over 250 popular games from Gaminator1, Gaminator CoolFire2, Gaminator CoolFire3, Mega Jack, Igrosoft, including original slots, roulette, and much more.
Automatic renewal of content.
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Our Awards
ERG Awards 2010-2012
IGA Awards 2014
Global Gaming Awards 2014
WiG Awards 2015
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6 Countries of the World and 73 Cities
Our distinctive features
Advantages of the System
Leaves no traces on gaming PCs, which is why no inspection will find the presence of the gambling business.
Convenient way to play — the system can be opened like a regular internet page in any browser.
Integration of popular Superomatic games into your online casinos using a single API protocol.
An ability to deposit and withdraw money from players via electronic payment systems.
Operation on Android/IOS mobile devices.
Faster work and loading of games.
An opportunity to create a full-fledged online casino on the basis of our platform.
Automatic renewal of content.
By connecting the Superomatic system
Get 30 thousand credits as a gift
Connect Superomatic
Features of the system
Superomatic for Partners
Installation on a regular computer with an internet connection and a monitor of any size.
Exclusion of the possibility of cheating on the part of players and staff.
Complete automatic report on all actions of users and casino managers.
The ability to independently set the RTP percentage of the Superomatic gambling hall.
Round-the-clock technical support.
Unique mathematics of games.
No failures, slow operation or the loss of credits thanks to a stable server.
Legal payment system that allows you to pay for various internet services.
Any activity of partners of the Superomatic WebCash system is not considered a gambling business.
Superomatic Means Quality
years on the market
implemented projects
satisfied customers
Features of the system
Superomatic for Clients
The ability to play and deposit/withdraw funds from the Superomatic system, as well as to pay for internet services, mobile communications, commercial TV, and more through the CyberPlat payment option.
Superomatic WebCash is an international system that allows you to pay for goods and services on the Internet.
A single account for all gaming systems, including those that accept CyberPlat payments.
Professional advice on any questions related to WebCash.
The average payback period of the gambling hall is 2–3 months.
More than 250 popular games in the Superomatic casino
All gamblers will find exciting games to their taste
Connect Superomatic
You receive
The Superomatic system is not a gaming program and does not require expensive hardware: you only need a PC or an internet terminal (it works on the basis of Windows and Linux).
With each new launch of the Superomatic system, there is an automatic installation of new games and updating of already existing ones, if any.
Protected protocols ensure information security.
Automatic memorisation of any combination in the game in case of internet shut-down and failures.
All popular games.
The lack of analogues in the market in terms of quality and equipment.
Unique mathematics of products.
Frequently asked questions
Legal Questions
Operating Procedures
Legal Questions
Do You Provide a Guarantee for Your Products?

Yes. The Superomatic system is a licensed product with privacy support and 100% data protection.

We use only certified components, including entertainment content and payment systems from leading providers. Games have been tested in such prestigious laboratories as GLI, BMM Testlabs, and QUINEL. The functionality of built-in financial modules complies with the PCI DSS international standard.

You can get information about certificates and quality guarantees from our managers.

Is an Online Casino a Legal Business?

The gambling industry is legalised in many advanced and developing countries. The list of jurisdictions includes Germany, Italy, Malta, Romania, the United Kingdom, and many other states. You can open an online casino in these countries legally. Since 2021, the gambling market has been fully operational in Ukraine.

To work lawfully in a specific country, an operator has to register his or her company and obtain a licence. The Superomatic team is ready to help you with selecting a jurisdiction, opening a business and receiving a permit.

It is better to place information about a licence on the main page of an online casino’s website. That way, gamblers will be able to make sure that they deal with an honest and legal operator.

Who will be the Owner of Casino Games after Signing the Contract?

Superomatic remains the owner of gambling content. The clause on the software use is spelt out in the cooperation agreement. Our manager can provide you with this document for familiarisation.

The Superomatic team is responsible for prompt maintenance. The list of our responsibilities includes instant elimination of bugs, the update of the gambling platform, the addition of new gaming products, the monitoring of the security system, and other operational aspects.

If you manage your working gambling online project, we are ready to discuss alternative options for cooperation. You can find out the details by contacting our manager.

Who is the Owner of the Player Base?

The customer base is the property of an operator. The list of our company’s tasks includes storage of confidential information and improvement of data protection and transmission systems.

If you want to change the terms of cooperation in the future, then the player base will remain your complete property.

All legal subtleties are spelt out in a bilateral agreement. You can get acquainted with the document and get advice on individual points from Superomatic managers.

What are the Requirements for Connecting the Gaming System?

At the first stage, an entrepreneur has to register a legal entity and obtain a licence. We help our clients with this issue and interact with them at all stages of starting a business — from filling out a registration application to preparing a package of documents for licensing.

At the second stage, a businessman needs to create a website. It consists of two basic components — the frontend (the so-called "front" side, which is visible to players) and the backend (admin panel). Our company is ready to help you with creating a unique design for your online casino and connecting a reliable back office.

Why do I need a Casino Demo?

Superomatic provides a test version of the gambling system for 10 calendar days. This time is quite enough to evaluate all the advantages of the software and make the final decision on its purchase.

The casino demo version will help you to familiarise yourself with the features of the product better before installing it. An operator can study the nuances of payment services, evaluate the audience’s reaction to the available entertainment content, and apply different bonus strategies.

After the end of the test period, individual changes can be made to the system in agreement with the Superomatic technical department. The list of adjustments includes the development of an online casino’s corporate identity, the addition of new gaming titles, and other changes.

What Payment Systems Can be Introduced with Superomatic?

The software includes two financial aggregators — Superomatic-WebCash and CyberPlat by default. The products support various types of money transfers, including payment in cash and through terminals, banking transactions, and operations in electronic systems. Multicurrency solutions: besides Russian rubles or US dollars, transfers in cryptocurrencies are possible.

One of the key advantages of Superomatic-WebCash and CyberPlat is the support for various money internet transactions. In addition to depositing and withdrawing funds from gambling resources, entrepreneurs can pay for mobile communications, commercial TV, and other online services.

Other financial aggregators can be integrated into the Superomatic system at the request of a customer.

Can you Provide Guarantees for the Reliability of Your Product?

We use only licensed and certified components with a high degree of confidential data protection. Games, payment modules, and other elements of the Superomatic gambling platform have been tested in independent world-class laboratories.

The original system is connected to remote server equipment. Hardware and software components are protected from hacking, failures, and unauthorised access by third parties.

We guarantee absolutely transparent work without any hidden fees and unreasonable expenses.

Contact Superomatic manager, to get certificates of conformity, quality and safety assurance.

Is it Possible to Buy Ready-Made Online Slots?

Our assortment includes over 300 game titles. These are traditional and 3D slots, board and card games, keno, bingo, progressive jackpot solutions, etc.

You can order entertainment content along with the gambling platform or separately. We offer you two options for cooperation — the purchase and rent of games. The agreement about the use of a full entertainment package or gaming positions from a specific manufacturer is concluded.

The installation of content is based on a seamless API connection. All you need is to have a working gaming platform and provide our technicians with temporary access to it.

Games from which Providers are Worth Considering?

The Superomatic gambling system comes with top-notch entertainment solutions from leading gambling providers. We offer digital content from Microgaming, Novomatic, Amatic, Mega Jack, Igrosoft, Aristocrat, and other licensed developers.

The games are certified in world-class independent laboratories. An operator and customers of an online casino can be 100% confident in the absolute honesty and transparency of the results and the support of responsible gambling principles.

The software from selected suppliers meets the needs of gamers to the full. The Microgaming portfolio, for example, offers solutions for every taste — from classic 5-reel slots to arcades and multiplayer video poker.

Operating Procedures
How Long Does it Take to Start an Online Casino after Purchasing the Necessary Software?

The launch time depends on your wishes and business specifics. A successful casino project with standard initial data can be implemented in just 2–3 months. In some cases, the opening period can be shortened.

The lion's share of the time is spent on connecting the gambling platform, synchronising it with remote servers and hosting. It is necessary to establish secure exchange operations between an online casino and the financial aggregator.

The launch of an iGaming project with the Superomatic company is a much faster option than the independent development of a start-up from scratch.

Do you Provide Any Post-Launch Support?

The Superomatic team offers comprehensive services for a casino business at all stages of cooperation. We will provide you with round-the-clock technical support, prompt system updates with the addition of new gaming novelties, and rapid elimination of bugs. You can get detailed consultation on any issue from us.

The Superomatic company offers accounting, legal, and marketing outsourcing services. We propose assistance in registering a company and obtaining a licence, financial reporting, launching effective advertising campaigns, and other solutions.

Do you Provide Post-Launch Marketing Support?

The increase of internet traffic is an additional service that is charged separately. We are ready to help you with attracting a solvent audience, retaining regular customers, and growing the average check.

The Superomatic team uses modern methods: SEO optimisation, e-mail marketing, social media targeting, and interaction with affiliated services. We can develop a multifunctional chatbot based on popular instant messengers, which will help you increase online traffic.

The specifics of all advertising campaigns (duration, cost, indicators) are discussed in advance. You will get a measurable result, including an increase in the profitability of your internet business.

What are the Technical Requirements?

For comfortable use of the Superomatic system, it is enough to have computer equipment (PC, laptop, tablet) with the following parameters:

  • the computing power of the central processor — 2+ GHz;
  • the amount of RAM — 1.5+ GB;
  • the amount of free space on the hard disk — 8+ GB;
  • the characteristics of the video card — 512 MB with the support for 1024x768 resolution;
  • operating system — Windows XP, Ubuntu 12.04+;
  • the minimum speed of the internet connection — 1 Mbps for 10 devices.
What is the Commission for Using the System?

The amount of commission fees is set based on the planned turnover of a gambling establishment or an online casino. We use the GGR indicator — the difference between the bets of gamers and their winnings, as a calculation base.

The Superomatic company offers the best price on the market. Our managers will provide you with the necessary information about costing and planned expenses. We will help you launch a profitable iGaming business with minimal upfront investment.

What Bonus Systems are Presented on the Platform?

The Superomatic gambling platform includes a built-in loyalty program with 10% payments from the amount of the last deposit. Cashback plays the role of a consolation prize. It is activated at the request of an operator.

The gaming content supplied within the system is characterised by an extensive bonus program. It consists of free spins, large multipliers, additional risk rounds, mini-quests, and doubling games. Many slot machines are connected to progressive jackpot networks with financial guarantees from software manufacturers.

The presence of a bonus system will grow internet traffic and the influx of visitors to the land-based club, increase their loyalty, and the sum of the average check.

What is the Return Percentage of the Superomatic System?

One of the key advantages of the Superomatic platform is an extensive settings system. You can set the percentage of return of a gambling establishment independently to maximise the operating income.

The available range is from 70% to 90%. The establishment of the maximum percentage at the start helps to attract a solvent audience. It is important during the first months of an online casino’s operation. Over time, when the base of regular customers will be formed, you will be able to reduce the return percentage gradually without the risk of losing valuable players.

How do Players Replenish Their Game Balance?

The method of depositing depends on the type of establishment. In a land-based gaming club, visitors can replenish their account through a payment terminal, a bill acceptor in a stationary slot machine, or with the help of a cashier.

Multitasking financial aggregators are integrated into the online casino system. Clients can replenish their balance using prepaid bank cards, electronic systems, mobile and voucher transfers. The user lobby is very convenient and practical. It includes the history of transactions, automatic payment settings, and other features.

How do Players Receive Their Winnings?

The methods used to fund the account are applied to pay out the prize money too. In land-based establishments, the winnings can be received at the cash desk or through the terminal.

The withdrawal of prize money from an online casino is carried out to a client's bank card, as well as his or her virtual wallet in an electronic payment system.

Various payment instruments are integrated into the Superomatic platform, which makes depositing and withdrawing funds as comfortable, fast, and secure as possible. The amount of commission fees is set by a financial provider.

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What do they say about us
Customer Feedback

Since mobile-oriented gaming is getting ridiculously popular right now, I am thrilled with the purchase of the Superomatic gaming system. It has a smooth running on Androids and iPhones with all available resolutions.


The assortment of games is impressive in the system. By saying this, I do not mention only slots. Since the supplier has a unified API integration, I can now install virtual entertainment of any kind, including different card and tabletop games.


Smooth work with a lot of payment gateways is exactly what modern operators need. I was pleasantly surprised to perceive that the Superomatic system supports JCB, Konbini, and Pay-Easy — popular Japanese transaction means.


I have tested a few different gaming platforms. I required a product with high-performance rates, and even though they had decent loading speed, it was not enough. Superomatic shows excellent results here. It was one of many reasons I chose the team.


Three words: superb content creators. Games from providers that cooperate with the company have astonishing graphics and immersive gameplay. It was my criteria number one when I was looking for a solid system. Had no regrets since I started using it.


The brand’s system allows operators to implement a profitable gambling project in just a few days.

Superomatic gaming system for casinos

The supplier provides a website with more than 130 new types of entertainment, multiple game modes, and an effective bonus program.

Superomatic Software: Characteristics of the Product

The system has several features:

The system has several features:

Information between the server and the gambling location (a gaming site or a land-based terminal) is transferred via secure channels, which minimises a system failure and the risk of data theft.

The product does not leave any traces on personal devices, so no inspection will confirm the existence of a gambling business

A complete set of elements

The gaming system is a perfect basis for the creation of a proprietary casino solution.

It contains a large selection of settings:

  • the ability to set a denomination;
  • control over the bonuses, etc.;

Powerful payment gateways (Superomatic WebCash, CyberPlat) and other useful components are also connected

Good performance

The system can be connected to desktop PCs and mobile devices. The solution also works perfectly in land-based casinos and small sports bars.

The program accepts more than 10 thousand requests per minute, including verification, the launch of games, as well as the calculation and payment of prize money.

Entrepreneurs can connect Superomatic products on several internet terminals with such an option as comfortable control via a single command centre

The uniqueness of the product

There are no analogues of the system in terms of the quality and completeness of the solution on the CIS gambling market

Connect Proprietary Solutions from the Brand: the Catalogue of Offers

Superomatic casino games: catalogue

The system stands out against the background of the competitors' products thanks to its portfolio of games.

The assortment includes slots, lotteries, table and arcade games, and live content. The available solutions will fully satisfy the needs of gamblers and increase the level of interest of customers and the operator's profitability.

It is possible to connect games from such well-known vendors as:

  1. Microgaming. The manufacturer offers premium solutions, and he was the first to launch mobile slots on the market (in 2004). The catalogue contains more than 850 titles with a series of Mega Moolah progressive jackpots, generous bonuses, and original mathematical models.
  2. Novomatic. The well-known European developer that releases new games every month. In addition to traditional slots, the portfolio includes multiplayer and live games, entertainment with progressive jackpots, and much more.
  3. Amatic. The provider's slots are distinguished by the presence of a risk round — an additional session with double chances of winning. The company has released a collection of video poker games with a multi-level betting system and customisable limits.
  4. Aristocrat. The brand can boast of its innovative features that have received a huge response from the audience. Entrepreneurs can install Superomatic casino software with the innovative Drag N Drop Wild system. It allows them to place wild symbols on any place on the panel, which increases the chances of winning good prizes.
  5. Igrosoft. It offers a collection of slot machines with a familiar theme for CIS residents. The developer has released Garage, Keks, Resident, and other solutions dedicated to elusive spies, fearless policemen, and other vivid characters.

With each subsequent launch, the Superomatic casino system automatically adds recently released games from providers and updated versions of already installed products.

The program has such a built-in function as the automatic memorisation of combinations. If the internet connection fails, the Superomatic system will continue the gameplay from the previous location and with the same personal settings and earned prizes.

How to Connect the Brand’s Casino: the Nuances of Cooperation

Superomatic casino: the nuances of cooperation

The installation of the gaming system goes through secure API gateways. Information is transferred via secure communication channels in just a few minutes. All entrepreneurs need to do is to provide remote access to a PC, a land-based terminal or a platform.

Operators can launch an online platform, organise an offline gambling hall, and create a mobile casino. For land-based equipment, a double lobby has been developed.

Features of using the software:

  • when buying a turnkey casino from the company, entrepreneurs receive 30 thousand credits as a gift;
  • average payback period — 2–3 months;
  • the manufacturer provides technical and legal support at all stages of launching a gambling project;
  • the software is connected to CyberPlat and Superomatic WebCash international payment systems;
  • in addition to the deposition and withdrawal of funds, operators can pay for internet services, mobile communications, commercial TV, etc.

The Main Things about Offers of the Supplier

  • The advantages of the product include a high level of security, excellent performance, and good configuration. In the CIS market, there are no analogues of the system in terms of quality and payback rate.
  • The platform comes with an assortment of entertainment. These are new stylish releases and classic slot machines from Aristocrat, Igrosoft, and other well-known developers.
  • When buying a casino system, operators receive 30 thousand credits as a gift. This is a nice bonus from the supplier.

For more information, please contact our specialists!

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By connecting the Superomatic system
Get 30 thousand credits as a gift
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